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Hello Ayurveda

ayurvedic consultation
marma therapy


Hello Ayurveda

Get used to the fact that you eat different, you are different, you clean different

that is how revolutions start.

Increase your ability to live with choice, meaning and connection.

Listen deeply to yourself, allow your healing powers to come.

Benefit from your infinite resources because you are part of the Universe.


Understand who you are

The ayurvedic consultation


It takes place according to a SIMPLE and ASTUTE methodology based on the science of Doshas.


Doshas are the life forces of every living being.

In equilibrium, everybody enjoys perfect health.

When in conflict, the state of balance is compromised.


During the consultation, the consultant and YOU, both

profile the strengths of your native constitution or Prakriti

and your current health state or Vikriti.


Ask yourself:

Why do I consult?

What do I expect from the consultant?

Understanding about oneself is an essential step towards balance.


After the consultation, YOU WILL KNOW

Who you are (Doshas science)

What are your needs

How to read the language of your body

How to perform everyday with joy and lightness

You gain CLARITY, VITALITY and ENERGY in every aspects of your life.

Ayurveda is a science. It makes life simple, meaningful and exciting
Here are the insights about you and your health.
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Marma Massage or Marma therapy is an ancestral acupressure technique in Ayurveda

inspired by the vital energy points of the human body


The sacred texts of India RigVeda and Atharva Veda describe it in the arts of war to defeat the enemy.


Marma collected by the Saints reveals the tremendous potential of self-healing.


The points of life energy correspond to the nerve endings

Each point is connected to an organ by the network of sensory and motor nerves, through the brain.


Marma leads to the balance of all body systems.

Combined with Ayurveda

Marma is a deep and subtle science of touch between giver and receiver.


It is absolutely safe for both parts.

It can be practiced every day

as a preventive measure

and regularly as curative

no matter the origin of ailments.

If you are CURIOUS




45 min session

2 sessions to get the global picture



Ayurvedic Consultation

Prakriti - Vikriti

Tongue reading

Nutrition & Lifestyle


on place

personal appointment only


catherine martin

Hello there!

All is about energy of kindness and love, gentle care and fine attention, because we are part of universe and vice versa. I am blessed with both a healthy constitution and intuition to heal. Thus I have naturally been attracted by chemistry, herbology, phyto- and aromatherapy, healthy cooking while developing the art of senses. Meditation and Yoga helped a lot to go deep within receiving the fruits with patience, perseverance and daily practice.

Ayurveda wrapped all the pieces of the puzzle at once.

As an Ayurvedic consultant and Marma therapist, practicing everyday, my aim is to lighten people on the track of their own self-healing.


+1 306-510-1270

Regina SK, Canada

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